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FACEBOOK LIVE SESSIONS : Learning with Children – Reflections of Preschool




Learning with Children – Reflections of Preschool 

Topic: Physical Education & Outdoor

7 October 2020, 8 to 9 pm (Singapore Time)

In Singapore, when conducting physical play, many preschools are facing the constraint of space and equipment. The role of the teacher is to understand the potential of materials and the outdoor environment has for learning and seek a way for children to harness them.

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Topic: The Practice of Home-Preschool Collaboration 

14 October 2020, 8 to 9 pm (Singapore Time)

A philosophy of collaboration is for both parties to have a common understanding of the needs of the children for learning. Educators not only have to find suitable strategies to communicate to families but also to equip themselves with new skills under the contexts of the pandemic.

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