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FLAiR – November Learning Circle cum Year-end Celebrations

About 380 Pro-FLAiRs attended the Learning Circle facilitated by their Advocates on 25 November 2020 virtually. It was the last learning circle of the year and it was the time for celebration too! We launched the ebook entitled “Creative Minds during COVID CB – The FLAiR Family”. We had so much fun and laughter donning our party hats, sipping tea/coffee, singing and end the 2020 FLAiR on a high note with FLAiR Family!

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Learning with Children – Reflections of Preschool 

Session One Topic: Physical Education & Outdoor

7 October 2020, 8 to 9 pm (Singapore Time)

In Singapore, when conducting physical play, many preschools are facing the constraint of space and equipment. The role of the teacher is to understand the potential of materials and the outdoor environment has for learning and seek a way for children to harness them.

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Session Two Topic: The Practice of Home-Preschool Collaboration 

14 October 2020, 8 to 9 pm (Singapore Time)

A philosophy of collaboration is for both parties to have a common understanding of the needs of the children for learning. Educators not only have to find suitable strategies to communicate to families but also to equip themselves with new skills under the contexts of the pandemic.

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Session Three Topic: Weaving Character Building into the Curriculum 

21 October 2020, 8 to 9 pm (Singapore Time)

Teachers as facilitators potentially sow the seeds of character development in young children. The goal is to create a culture of positivity spanning entirely in our daily experience.

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Bilingual Project Learning in a Singapore Preschool


September 9: Session 1 – Introducing Bilingual Project Learning and 1 Project
Time:  8 to 9 pm (Singapore Time)
During this session, we will be introducing our work at B2T. This includes discussion about a project cycle and walking through a project in brief.

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September 16: Session 2 – Looking at 2 Projects
Time:  8 to 9 pm (Singapore time)

Children at different ages tend to be interested in different things. Our teachers at B2T realised this early on and we have some favourite projects across age groups. We will be going into more detail with 2 different projects.

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September 23: Session 3 - Crafting Project Questions
Time:  8 to 9 pm (Singapore time)

Questions are posed to children throughout a project to prompt provocation, investigation, and reflection. During this process, we are searching for a level of mastery within a topic or problem area. During this session, we will explore different types of questions that are able to reflect different levels of knowledge and hence mastery.

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Friday, 21 August @ 9pm

“Overcoming Our Challenges and Innovative Practices” by Ms. Ng Hau Yee, Junior Achievement (Singapore) Ltd and  Mr. Jay Jaboneta, De La Salle Lipa and Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation (Philippines).

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Friday, 28 August @ 9pm

“Innovative Skills in Teaching and Learning” by Dr. Mark Anthony Abenir, Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines) and Dr. Esther Yong, REAL Kids, REAL Education Group (Malaysia).

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Friday, 4 September @ 9pm

“Innovative Practices in Family and Teacher Collaboration” by Prof. Netti Herawati, University of Riau (Indonesia) and Ms. Charmaine Teo, Association for Early Childhood Educators Singapore (AECES).

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Wednesday, 9 September @ 12 noon

“Rethinking Teacher Education in Times of Uncertainty” by Dr. Lavina Tiko, University of the South Pacific, Suva (Fiji) and Ms. Mahanom Basri, Kids Campus Pte Ltd. (Malaysia).

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You are cordially invited to join us on this first session of a series of Facebook Live Forum on “New Skills for Life”, jointly organized by Childhood Education International (CEI) as well as South East Asia and Pacific Educators Forum (SEAPEF).
Come and share your views on Friday, 21 August @ 9pm (Singapore time).

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See you!



Childhood Education International (CEI), together with South East Asia and Pacific Educators Forum (SEAPEF) are pleased to invite you to join them for a series of Facebook Live Forum Sessions on “New Skills for Life”.

Come share your views on the various sessions happening in August and September 2020.

Simply click the link below on the actual day / time of the session:



 Facebook Live Series: New Skills for Life

139 Early Childhood Professionals and Educators joined AECES Conversation: Back to School – Supporting Children, their Families and Educators on 1 July 2020 (8-9pm).