Overseas Conference & Study Trips

These provide professionals with opportunities where they can gather knowledge on a real time basis.  They will also be able to learn and to exchange best practices and to network with their peers.  Professionals will gain exposure to global perspectives and up-to-date approaches.


Click the links below to read more about the individual study trips.

1) Finland & Italy 

2) Japan 

3) Taiwan




Study Trip / Conference Tentative Period Estimated Cost (Subject to change in airfare) 
Japan Study Trip  1 to 7 March 2019 $3,300 (members)

$3,600 (non-members)


World Forum cum Hong Kong and Macao Study Trip  Link for World Forum  https://worldforumfoundation.org/events/    7 to 13 April 2019 $3,000 (members)

$3,300 (non-members)


Price includes

World Forum Registration Fee US$650 after 33 % discount for AECES members


ISSA Conference cum Leiden, Netherland and Ghent, Belgium Study Trip   15 to 24 June 2019 $3,800 (members)

$4,100 (non-members)


Prices excludes ISSA conference fee (TBA)


Lijin and Qingdao Study Trip 

Click here for brief intro of Lijin Games  

24 November to 1 Dec 2019 TBA


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For enquiries, please call 6472 2768.