AECES Code of Ethics Workshop

AECES Code of Ethics Workshop (Online Learning)

Code of Ethics Handbook – Second Edition (hard copy will be made available to AECES members and Code of Ethics workshop’s participants)

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Code of Ethics Handbook

Code of Ethics (English version) (3374 downloads)


Code of Ethics Handbook – 幼儿教师的专业守则手册 – 工作中的好伙伴 (Chinese version) (436 downloads)


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The AECES Code of Ethics was first published in 2004 with the goal of unifying early childhood practitioners.  The Code articulates ethical standards that apply to professional conduct of practice and inspires us to become role models for children, families, colleagues and members of the profession.

The updated Code remains an aspirational document and the pride of our profession.  In tandem with the 21st Century Skills, globalization and current research, it complements the Nurturing Early Learners (NEL 2003, 2013 MOE) and the Early Year EYDF 92010 MCD, 2012 MSF) frameworks.  It is essential for every early childhood practitioner to have knowledge of the Code and skills in applying it in their daily practice.

Workshop Objectives

The 8-hour Online Workshop aims to translate the Code into practice.  It is designed for practitioners:

i)  To describe the core values that form the foundation upon we practice

ii) To identify our ethical responsibilities and obligations

iii) To develop an awareness of the process of working through an ethical dilemma

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