Community of Practice


1) Leaders as Change Agents by Dr Christine Chen

Change is inevitable. In this CoP for Leaders as Change Agents, Action Research will be introduced. Action research is a form of research designed by practitioners to seek practical solutions to issues and problems in their professional practice. The ultimate goal is change or the improvement of the problematic situation. The CoP will provide members with practical case studies to work on as they systematically engage in the inquiry process and effect changes in their centres.


2) Leaders as Mentors by Mrs Loh Hui Meng by Mrs Linda Yan

In current literature, mentors have been referred to as leaders. As community of practitioners we share experiences on coaching mentoring and what it takes to be leaders as mentors.

In this CoP for Leaders as Mentors, basic mentoring concepts will be introduced and members will reflect on one’s own experiences, needs and goals in relation to mentoring. Members will be taken through an exploratory journey by examining case studies of issues between mentor & mentee. Through the process, members will be able to discuss & share their current practice & grow their mentoring approach and perspective.


3) Leaders as Readers by Ms Teo Bee Eng

What is leadership? What is our understanding of being a leader? Why the need to read? In this CoP for Leader as Readers, the importance of reading as leaders will be highlighted. Types of reading materials and the 3 Rs: Read, Reflect and Reconnect will also be introduced. Members will have the opportunity to share on their readings and reflect on their effectiveness as leaders.


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