Community of Practice


The Community of Practice (CoP) is an informal platform that provides networking and sharing of Early Childhood (EC) topics/stories among our EC practitioners.

Topics Covered


November: AECES Virtual Townhall Meeting – “SPEAKING UP for our profession!”

October: Process Drama to Support Children’s Learning

SeptemberA Good Start for Every Child – Nurturing Early Learners Framework 2022

AugustThe Essence of Leadership – Unleashing the Leader Within

July : Co-Regulation – Part II (The influence of physical environment in preschools)

June : Co-Regulation – Part I

May : Respect – Part II

April : Respect – Part I

March : Build resilience – Values, social emotional competencies and dispositions




November : ECCD program with marginalized children, New Dehli, India

OctoberEnvironmental Protection – The Oil Spill Project

September : Part 2: How can we support each other in our professional community?

AugustPart 1: How can we support each other in our professional community?

July : Showcase of  Outdoor Gardening (PG – K2)

JuneLearning in a fun way @ Outdoor Play

MayIndoor Gardening for Preschools

AprilBlooming Sparkletots Green

FebruaryGreen Plan 2030 and growing your own edibles



November : Part 2: Well-being of EC Educators

October : Part 1: Well-being of EC Educators

September : Part 2: Childrens’ Well-being

August : Part 1: Childrens’ Well-being

July : Integrating a Diverse Workforce to Build the WE culture

June : Embracing the WE Culture

May : Embracing Ubuntu Continues…..Come with your Stories!

April : Embracing Ubuntu @ By-The-Park

March :  ”Mindfulness“ -Contribution from Our Learning Community

February : How Mindfulness is being integrated in the Curriculum

January : A Teacher’s Journey to Mindfulness: Opportunities for Joy, Hope and Compassion



October :  “Book on Learning with Children – Reflections of Preschool”

    • Topic: Physical Education & Outdoor
    • Topic: The Practice of Home-Preschool Collaboration
    • Topic: Weaving Character Building into the Curriculum

September :  “Book on Bilingual Project Learning in a Singapore Preschool”

    • Session 1 – Introducing Bilingual Project Learning and 1 Project
    • Session 2 – Looking at 2 Projects
    • Session 3 – Crafting Project Questions

July : Educators Uniting in the New Norm

    • Supporting Children, their Families and Educators
    • Teaching & Learning in the New Norm
    • Leading and Inspiring Stakeholders in the New Norm

June : Back to school: Settling into the New Norm

26 May : Are We Ready for School?

20 May : Supporting the Changing Role of Teachers

13 May : Reaching Out to Families in Need

6 May : Voices from Children

28 & 30 Apr : Impact of Circuit Breaker on Children & their Families at Home