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Community of Practice (CoP): Children’s Well-being – Part 1


51 participants from the Early Childhood Community ranging from Centre Leaders, Preschool Educators and Management attended Part 1 of our Community of Practice (CoP) on Wednesday, 25 August 2021.

It was truly an engaging sharing session whereby Ms Kalamathy Miniandi, Centre Principal of PCF Sparkletots Preschool, shared with us on her own stories with regards to how she persevere in helping one of her preschoolers and the family, with the support of her Management to come out with various strategies to manage the child’s well-being. Ms Kalamathy also shared some tips with the participants on how to help with children’s well-being during the session.

Do join us on our next CoP session – Part 2 facilitated by Ms Kalamathy. We would love to hear your stories and sharing on how you manage children’s well-being at your workplace with our Community of Practitioners.

Look out for our next announcement/post on the September CoP next week and register online.